Re-homing a pet
When you adopt a dog or a cat from us we do ask for a donation towards their care.
We suggest an adoption donation of £120 for a dog which would help to cover neutering, vaccinations and any other treatment.
For a cat the suggested adoption donation would be £60.
Abandondoned Animals Assocation are unable to cover or contribute to any medical conditions that may develop after the animal has been adopted. Any concerns you have regarding your pets behaviour or medical condition, you MUST contact the rescue immediately.
Adopting a dog
Prospective owners are asked to complete a Questionnaire, giving details of the circumstances under which their chosen pet will be kept. The information supplied will enable the staff to give advice on the suitability of their choice, as they will be familiar with the dog’s temperament and will know if it will fit in with their lifestyle.
Once a dog is selected, it is put on reserve and an appointment is then made for one of the Association’s Homing and Vetting officers to visit and ensure that house and garden are secure, and that the animal chosen is suitable for the family circumstances.
Following a successful home visit, a date and time is arranged with the rescue centre staff to complete the adoption/fostering papers, and to collect their new pet from the centre.
The new owners will be requested to bring along a dog disk engraved with their contact Number, Post Code and their surname.
The same procedure applies when adopting a CAT.